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Welcome to the Rob Stovel Foundation.We are dedicated to supporting projects that empower and give opportunity to those who face obstacles in our communities.

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We strive to break down barriers, open doors and walk hand-in-hand with those we support in health or in life. At the Rob Stovel Foundation we build every day on the path that Rob set for us and endeavor to ensure that everyone has every chance to achieve their goals.

Rob Stovel

The Rob Stovel Story

The Rob Stovel Foundation was created in 2018 in loving memory of Robert Easson Stovel. He was a caring soul with a zest for life like no other. With his large heart, Rob looked to bring positive change in others’ lives; whether it be family, friends, or strangers. In his life, he was heavily focused on community and social work, including his support of AIDS organizations to help fight the stigma and obstacles.

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