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Giving Everyone A Chance

Welcome to the Rob Stovel Foundation.We are dedicated to supporting projects that empower and give opportunity to those who face obstacles in our communities.

The Rob Stovel Foundation was created in 2018 in loving memory of Robert Easson Stovel. A caring soul with a zest for life like no other. With his large heart, Rob looked to bring positive change in others’ lives; whether it be family, friends, or strangers. In his life, he was heavily focused on community and social work, including his support of AIDS organizations to help fight the stigma and obstacles.

Robert was born in 1951 in Northern Ontario and moved to Toronto in 1956. 27 years later, Rob met his partner, Rick, in 1983. Despite their difference in age, they shared many of the same interests. Rick remembers Rob as a loving partner and a best friend. Rob has also left a lasting impact on his family. To his father, he was a good man and a wonderful son whom he loved dearly. To his mother he was an incredible son with which she had a loving relationship with until she passed in 1981. To his brothers Dave and Joe, he was a caring brother and uncle to Suzanne and Craig who spoke lovingly about his weekly calls and visits with them.

Rob passed away in the early evening on March 31st, 1989, at home with his partner Rick.

We continue to think of Rob every day, loving him as we have and always will. We hope this foundation can honour the legacy he left behind and continue to live the values that he stood so strongly for.

Our Values

Whether it was our participation in sports or our involvement in local causes, our family a strong sense of community. It is because of this, we are driven to want to provide support and opportunity to others like we were fortunate to have.

Rob’s experience and activism has led us to continue his legacy of supporting AIDS treatment and research charities, as well as supporting LGBT rights and striving to create equal opportunity for women. Ultimately, we hope that everyone can be given equal opportunity.

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